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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Moon Phases

Moon Phases, Mosaics Show at 171 Cedar Arts Center

If you've been following my work, you know that I've been in a moon phase lately. I've really been feeling the pull of the moon this year, are you too? All of my pieces from the Mosaics Moon Phases show at 171 Cedar Arts Center have found new homes! It's so satisfying to see my work go out into the world. For this show I chose to paint the moon phases of seven months-

Row One: November's Snow Moon
Pink Moon
Row Two: April's Pink Moon
Row Three: June's Strawberry Moon
Row Four: July's Honey Moon
Row Five: September's Harvest Moon
Row Six: October's Blood Moon 
Row Seven: February's Storm Moon 
Harvest Moon

I'm happy to send you larger images of any of the moon above. 50 images is too many to post. Here are two of my favorite full moons: (left) September's Harvest Moon, and February's Pink Moon (right)

If you missed this short and sweet show and still desire a moon, let me know. I'm opening up the chance to commission your own moon painting. Contact me at
Here's a very cool website to look up moon phases by day and find out your moon:

I'm looking forward to this year's Solar Eclipse! What are your plans for viewing it?
Solar Eclipse, aluminum and copper leaf on birch panel. 

Share some lunar love with me and send me your photos of the moon. I may turn them into paintings.
Happy painting and moon viewing!

My best, 

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